"In 2009, I made a big step for my business. It was time to buy an office building. Tom was the listing agent on a property. At the time I thought the property was more than what I could afford. His brilliant creatively made it possible for me to buy half of the building by converting it to a Condo. Since then Tom helped me buy 2 more of the condo units in my building. He even helped me work with a bank to get a great financing deal. I highly recommend Tom to anyone interested in creating wealth through real estate."

Tom Malesic, EZSolution

"Tom is an excellent commercial realtor. He has helped many of my clients successfully purchase, sell, rent and develop commercial properties. Tom is creative and ingenious at structuring transactions that accomplish his clients' goals. He is very effective at taking the lead and keeping projects on track. He's always a pleasure to work with and a great resource for solutions to clients' concerns."

Eric L. Winkle, Esq., Byler, Goodley & Winkle, P.C.

"Tom Troccoli is an all-around professional who listens until he totally understands your needs. Once he is locked in on what you want he is relentless until he puts you in position to accomplish your goals."

Will Stone, Neighborhood Greetings